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Welcome to the latest issue of our regular travel magazine

where we hope to entice you with a varied selection of

worldwide holiday ideas and destinations. So, why not

treat yourself, partner, family or a group of friends to a well-

earned break.

As summer approaches the key question for those still

deciding will be - should I go to Europe or should I set my

sights a bit further afield? This year the Caribbean is

booming and many resorts across the West Indies are

remaining open well into the traditional European summer

period of August in response to increasing demand. This is

reflected in this issue with features on both Petit St Vincent

in the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands.

North America is always a popular option at this time of the

year and the lure of the “great outdoors” is stronger than

ever as the US National Parks Service celebrates its

centennial year.

Looking eastwards, we review two amazing collections of

resorts, Four Seasons in Thailand and Ritz-Carlton in Bali,

both offering a superb combination of Far Eastern culture,

adventure and beach time.

Finally, looking to the continent, let us take you through

the most popular cities and regions of Italy in search of

some little gems, or perhaps you would like to watch the

sun setting in style at the newly refurbished Grace

Santorini. For the ultimate indulgence, we present some

European properties from Aman; a Venetian palace, a

walled citadel in Montenegro and a dreamy retreat in the

Peloponnese region of mainland Greece.

Whether you are looking for a beach getaway, a city break,

an adventure or just news on some of the world’s finest

hotels and resorts we are sure this issue will inspire you, so

sit back, have a read, then give us a call to discuss your

travel plans.

Kathy & Sarah



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